By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Lombard Finance, which provides consumer lines of credit for a number of major retailers, has announced a relief package for its customers currently affected by the flooding in Queensland.

In a statement to the media, executive director Paul Vanni said that Lombard will deal with all of its affected customers on a “case by case” basis, providing succour where needed.

“Their package of relief may include, but not be limited to: suspension of monthly loan repayments, abolition of any associated late fees, suspension of interest charges, support to restructuring of loans, and expedient assessment of any emergency credit limit increases,” Vanni said.

Furthermore, recognising that many Queenslanders will need new appliances and furniture, Vanni said that Lombard will be “working closely with its national group of retailers to offer deferred interest-free terms and extended interest-free offers for the purchase of new furniture and home-related items”.

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