By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Fisher & Paykel has revealed details of its premium Izona range’s distribution strategy, and confirmed a delay in the initial on-sale date to late July or early August, despite an initial May release prediction.

A spokesperson for the company told that the first three products in the range, the CookSurface, VentSurface and CoolDrawer, will now be released in more than two months’ time, as opposed to the original May date for both the VentSurface and CookSurface. They said this was because they were "trying to coordinate all the products to be available at the same time." No launch date was given for the CoolDrawer when it was announced.

When released, the premium product range will only go into a small number of retailers, with “no more than 50” due to be nominated, the spokesperson said. The nomination process was expected to be finalised by next year, with special in-store displays provided.

“Retailers will receive bespoke, very high quality Izona retail stands – which will include the CookSurface, VentSurface and a CoolDrawer. Over the course of time, additional Izona products will join the range and therefore the retail stands will be expanded,” said the spokesperson.

One of those new Izona products will be a premium oven, said the spokesperson, which will come after the company launches its OB76 model. The update of the Titan model, the OB76 will have a pyrolitic function, 101 litre internal capacity and will sell for approximately $4800 for the single and $7000 for the double.

Fisher & Paykel also announced its marketing strategy for the Izona range, saying it would use a new, multimillion dollar television and advertising campaign, starting in the middle of this year.