By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: With so many people taking the next step with their digital photography, Canon Australia has announced the launch of a new and enhanced after-sales support system for professional photographers.

According to the company, the Canon Professional Services (CPS) program is a new system run by a dedicated team designed to provide improved benefits to existing CPS members, as well as introduce a ‘Silver’ membership level for EOS 5-series users so they can also access the support.

“CPS has been looking after professional photographers for more than a decade and we are excited to be providing more tailored support for our members, while at the same time offering this to a wider group of professional users,” said professional imaging manager, Canon Australia, Alan Brightman.

Brightman said that the new system has been re-designed after significant consultation with the CPS community and will introduce two levels of membership (Gold and Silver), allowing a greater number of professional photographers to qualify for the benefits of CPS support.

“We listen to professional photographers and this is just the beginning. Canon will continue working to provide even more comprehensive and valuable services to support the industry.”

Key features of the new CPS support include increased discounts, allowing a greater number of photographers to qualify, an easier equipment registration process and a more streamlined service across national CPS centres, said Canon.