By Patrick Avenell

Over the last week, many suppliers, retail groups and individuals in the electronic appliance industry have generously donated money, products and supplies to charities and fundraisers helping those hardest hit by the bushfires in Victoria.

Today, the ACCC released a statement advising those donating money to make sure they do not become victims of con artists and fraudsters looking to profiteer off this horrific natural disaster.

"Scams are constantly evolving – as fraudsters think up new ways to extract money from their targets," said ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel

"It has already been reported in the media that people are being approached by rip off merchants attempting to exploit the Victorian bushfire tragedy.

"The ACCC’s fear that such scams would erupt caused a warning earlier this week and the comprehensive posting of tell-tale signs on SCAMwatch.

"The alert gives tips on how to trip up scammers, what to do if approached and a link to key fundraisers.

"Consumers who believe they have been approached by someone impersonating a legitimate charity, or by a fake charity, can report the scam to the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502 or through the SCAMwatch website."

The SCAMwatch website is

Has your business been affected by the bushfires, or is your organisation doing something to help? Tell me about it.