Samsung phone final

By Kymberly Martin

Due to flaw in the battery while charging.

Over 51,000 Galaxy Note7 smartphones are being recalled by Samsung Electronics Australia. The company is advising customers to return the device to where it was purchased where they can either receive a full refund or arrange for a courtesy smartphone until the delivery of a replacement model when new stock arrives within three to four weeks.  In the US, consumers in the product exchange are being offered at $25 gift card or bill credit.

The recall is understood to affect one million devices already sold in 10 countries including the US, but not China where a different battery is used.  The batteries cannot be removed by the user, a design feature to make the phones waterproof and slimmer. Two Galaxy Note7 smartphones are said to have been affected by the battery issue in Australia.

The smartphone was launched two weeks ago with Apple expected to release its latest iPhone next week.

For more information call Samsung Customer Service on: 1300 362 603 or visit