Director of E&S Trading Rob Sinclair chats to Manu before the demonstration.
Managing director of E&S Trading Rob Sinclair chats to Manu before the demonstration.

This week, the E&S Trading Moorabbin store was temporarily converted into the set of a TV cooking program. There were cameras, a celebrity chef and a number of guests with partners at home surely a little bit miffed about not meeting Manu.

Arisit put on the evening to promote their French brand Scholtes, entertaining around 100 E&S staff with a book signing and a cooking demonstration by Silver Logie winner, Manu Feildel. (During the book signing more than one guest considered having their Mum’s named signed in the cookbook as a last minute Mother’s Day present.)

After the singing and with a bonsoir Manu went to work, carrying out a charm offensive, cracking jokes, putting on an Aussie accent and waxing lyrical about a French innovation: the Multiplo.

“I’ve been involved with Scholtes for over a year now and I really, really enjoy the product. Firstly because it’s French and everything French is good. Fair dinkum.”

The Multiplo is an induction-powered multicooker set into the bench top. The one premium appliance can deep fry, roast, boil, steam and slow cook, ideal for an in-store cooking demo. It is versatile, fast and expensive at RRP $4,999.

“I believe it is an amazing piece of equipment, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to clean and it’s fast,” Manu said.

The demonstration was all about demystifying the world of French cooking for Australians and promoting some French innovations in the kitchen. Scholtes was the first brand to introduce induction cooking and pyrolytic ovens, and laws had to be changed for the Scholtes planar gas cooktop to be sold in Australia because the design was considered a radical change. The planar cooktop directs the flames to the centre of the pan, rather than licking the edges, for more efficient heating.

Scholtes reports that, on average, Australians update their kitchens every 10-to-15 years and although induction is not new to the industry it can seem completely foreign to home renovators.

“Induction was something I wasn’t too keen on for a long time because I am an old fashioned chef, I’ve always worked with gas and gas is what I trust,” Manu said.

“But since I have worked with Scholtes, it has just changed my way of thinking and cooking. It just makes it so fast. You don’t even need a husband anymore because it is so easy to clean,” he said, leading to giggling from the audience.

A captive audience watches Manu at work at the E&S Moorabbin store
A captive audience watches Manu at work at the E&S Moorabbin store

Managing director of E&S trading Rob Sinclair said he was very happy to have Scholtes in his stores and was treating it as a “new brand” after a 15-year hiatus from the market.

He also said both Scholtes and Sirius were selling well so far this year. “We certainly enjoyed supporting Arisit across those products… It’s a really heartening story to have success with a partner like Arisit.

“We look for providers that can deliver us performance, reliability,  great financial backing, an ethical-based company with service and spare parts and I know the Arisit group strives for that every day.”