By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Panasonic and Samsung have responded to the Digital CEnergy discussion paper on TV energy efficiency, which caused a stir earlier this week when news reports suggested current TVs could be taken off the market if its recommendations were followed.

The Digital CEnergy report was presented to the Australian Greenhouse Office last week to be used in considering a draft framework for MEPs and energy labeling for home entertainment appliances.

Panasonic, one of the leading manufacturers of plasma TVs, responded to media reports published this week which at times singled out plasma as being among the most energy inefficient home entertainment appliances.

“Panasonic welcomes further discussion between government and industry to develop a television energy ratings scheme within an appropriate timeframe,” said Panasonic Australia director – consumer electronics group, Paul Reid.

“This would give consumers clear and balanced purchasing information, as well as allowing television manufacturers to develop products that meet local requirements.”

Ealier in the week, Sony responded to the report with claims that its Bravia TVs used around 30 per cent less power than published specifications for comparable plasma TVs.

“Panasonic products have always met Australian government regulations and consumer needs. Panasonic’s global focus on best environmental practice extends throughout its high-quality consumer electronic products, including plasma and LCD televisions,” said Reid.

“For example, during the past seven years Panasonic has reduced the annual power consumption of its popular 42-inch size plasma television by 50 per cent and standby power consumption by 96 per cent.

“Panasonic is taking steps to reduce the total environmental footprint of all of its products. Our environmental responsibility extends far beyond energy use, including the elimination of harmful substances during the manufacturing process. For example, all Panasonic manufactured plasma televisions are now lead and mercury free.”

Samsung also released a statement on the report today, promoting its own eco-credentials.

“Samsung works closely with industry associations and regulatory government institutions to ensure all products meet environmental and safety guidelines,” said the company in a statement.

“Samsung has earned worldwide recognition, including various domestic and overseas eco-marks and energy-marks for its environmental efforts. Samsung demonstrates this commitment by confirming all LCD TVs and plasma screens consume less than one watt of energy in standby mode, a benchmark set by Samsung itself.

“Samsung’s global environmental philosophy is to make green management a top priority in all corporate and manufacturing activities and strives to set high environmentally-friendly standards to reduce power and energy consumption levels in all products.

“As a member of the Consumer Electronics Supplier Association, and the Consumer Electronics industry, Samsung will continue to work towards manufacturing energy-efficient products across all product divisions.”