By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Electrolux Floor Care has announced a 30-day money back guarantee for its UltraOne and UltraActive range of vacuum cleaners. This promotion will run through November 2010.

Unlike most other vacuum cleaner suppliers, Electrolux FC markets both bagged and bagless cleaners, giving consumers a choice across its range. Product marketing manager Julian Huitfeldt expressed confidence that no many Electrolux consumers would actually have to invoke their guarantee.

“We’re so confident that consumers who purchase a new UltraOne or UltraActive vacuum cleaner will be blown away by their new model, offering a 30 day money back guarantee is our assurance of this,” he said.

The guarantee is available on the following models:

UltraOne (bagged): Z8871P (RRP $799) and Z8821PT (RRP $599).
UltraActive (bagless): ZUA3860P (RRP $649), ZUA3830PT (RRP $499) and ZUA3830PT (RRP $399).