By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Sharp has released a new top mount refrigerator range boasting a ‘Hybrid Cooling System’, designed to keep foods at optimum temperatures with less dehydration.
The three model range uses a separate aluminium panel at the back of the fridge, cooled to approximately zero degrees Celsius, which works with the normal cooling system to spread chilled air evenly throughout the fridge. Sharp claims this leads to less over-cooling, less dehydration and fresher food.

As with many modern whitegoods, Sharp’s new refrigerators use nanotechnology to maintain food quality, with a deodorising filter to reduce unpleasant or strong food odours.
The new models also have a fresh case with cover for meat, poultry and fish storage, and a ‘pizza pocket’ for frozen pizza storage.
Sharp’s flagship model, the ‘Premium’ SJPT555RHS, also comes with Sharp’s ‘Plasmacluster’ ionising system to reduce bacteria in the air in the compartment, as well as a removable half shelf for storage of tall bottles, a covered door pocket for safely storing small items and a moveable freezer tray for storing frozen food separately.
All two of the new models are 514 litres in capacity, with the ‘Premium’ available in a silver finish, while the two standard 514 litre models are available in either white or silver. A larger standard model, the 596 litre SJT596RSL, also comes in a silver finish. 
The ‘Premium’ model comes in at RRP $1,924, while the standard 514 litre SJT555RWH and SJT555RSL models come in at $1,649 for the white finish and $1,704 for the silver finish. The larger 596 litre SJT596RSL model sells for RRP $1,814.