By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Online retailer Plus Corporation, which won PC Authority’s Online Retailer of the Year Award last year, voluntarily appointed specialist insolvency accounting firm Jirsch Sutherland as administrator on 23 October 2007.

Nigel Fernandes, the owner and managing director of Plus Corporation, appointed Jirsch Sutherland Partner Sule Arnautovic as administrator.

According to Arnautovic, Jirsch Sutherland is looking to sell the business assets quickly. The business assets include the website, business name, goodwill, customer lists, contact numbers, stock on hand and plant and equipment.

“This is a great opportunity for a business to step in and run with the existing website,” Mr Arnautovic said. “It would certainly suit a start up business, as the infrastructure is already there.”

The Australian owned Plus Corporation specialised in custom designed IT solutions, including computer componentry, made to order computers and printers, keyboards, screens, cabling and circuitry.

The company’s website has a message that states: “Our website has been pulled offline for maintenance. Our appologies for any inconvenience.”

The first creditors’ meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 October 2007. The meeting to decide the future of the company will be held on or about 19 November 2007.