By Chris Nicholls

TOKYO: Toshiba has released details of a new high density Solid State Drive (SSD) that claims to fit 32 GB into a space 14 x 18 x 1.4mm.

The new drive is part of a new range of SSDs, due mostly in the fourth quarter of this calendar year, which achieve their density by using Toshiba’s new 43 nanometre circuit spacing technology.

Models range from one gigabyte to the aforementioned 32 gigabyte model, which achieves its size by layering eight 4 GB chips on top of each other.

Toshiba said the new chips are aimed at portable consumer electronics, such as mobile phones and camcorders.

In theory, the size reduction would mean even compact mobile phones could store large amounts of data.

All chips come with on-board controllers and are JEDEC/MMCA Version 4.3 and SDA Version 2.0 compatible.

“There is growing demand for memories with a controller function that minimizes development requirements and eases integration into system designs. Toshiba has already taken steps to secure leadership in this expanding market, and the addition of higher density modules will reinforce the company’s position,” said Toshiba in a release.