By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: LG Electronics Australia has said it is “very happy” with initial sales of its Scarlet television range, with the effects of the global $100 million advertising campaign starting to show on the sales floor.

LG Electronics Australia TV category manager, Warren Kim, said he had been receiving “some very positive feedback from the retail floor”, and expected the coming 100Hz models to help lift sales further.

“We have started to see the effects of the campaign, and … the 100Hz models are being released this week, so we have a full line-up in the stores,” he said.

“If we can get another two or three weeks, we can see the total picture of the [sales] performance but with all the integrated campaigns we’re running with TVCs, online and in print media, we’re getting increased traffic to the micro site … and it’s [the TV range] listed on a lot of review sites now, so we haven’t seen the television’s true capabilities as yet.

“In terms of numbers, we’re very happy, but we expect further increases in the next three or four weeks,” he said.

Kim also confirmed all LG’s future TVs would be MEPS-compatible, with the ultimate goal of a 10-star rating.

“There’s currently work in our R&D [department]. The ultimate goal is to have a maximum star ratio, for everyone, hopefully without affecting the picture quality or cost.”

Kim said all LG’s current TVs complied with future ‘one-watt’ standby regulations.

He also said while its plasma models used up more energy than its LCDs, the company was “putting a lot more effort in plasma TVs to make sure we achieve that guideline set up by the MEPS.”