The rebooted Logitech brand: Logi, is a result of the company’s biggest ever brand transformation, Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell explained at the global launch yesterday.

He said that the company had placed design at its core and was now developing a portfolio of products that go beyond PC peripherals, to products that have a place in every aspect of daily life. The new brand reflected the company’s reinvention, with a colorful new attitude and a re-imagined logo.

logiAttracting a younger market

The shift comes after the Logitech realised that the brand was “old fashioned” and decided in 2013, to begin reinventing the company, shaking things up culturally and through its product innovation. Darrell says its latest products are an outward expression of these changes, and bold colors and simple designs will now appear across, social media, on packaging and in-store displays over the coming year.

“We’ve been reinventing Logitech, creating products that strive to blend advanced technology and design to bring you amazing experiences,” Darrell said. “We’ve built a world-class design team, led by chief designer Alastair Curtis. We’re putting Design at the center of everything we do. Our approach to Design goes beyond the classic definition. Design to us is the combination of advanced technology, business strategy and consumer insights.  Our products have come a long way, and now it’s time to bring the brand forward too.”

Expect twists and surprises

As part of the brand reinvention the name Logi will now appear on select products such as tablet keyboards and cases to be launched later this year and Logitech chief design officer, Alastair Curtis advised the industry to expect some “twists and a few surprises” in new categories.

“Logitech has undergone huge changes, so we’ve created an identity that is an expression of who we are today and tomorrow,” he said, “A company transformation of this magnitude should come with an equally bold transformation of its brand.”