In the evolving landscape of post-pandemic work environments, the future of hybrid work has become a subject of intense debate. Business leaders worldwide, including those in Australia and New Zealand, have voiced diverse opinions on what the future of work should entail. A recent KPMG survey predicting a full return to office by 2026 has added to this discourse.

Logitech Australia and New Zealand managing director, Damian Lepore (pictured) shares his perspective.

Flexibility beyond the pandemic

Lepore has long championed a flexible work culture, leading by example with a team working efficiently in a hybrid model across Australia and New Zealand. Embracing flexibility before the pandemic, Logitech has maintained a diverse, engaged, and happy workforce, fostering global collaboration. This approach encapsulates Logitech’s commitment to redefining the modern workplace that the company refers to as ‘The New Logic of Work’.

The human side of hybrid work

Beyond productivity, the emotional and social impact of hybrid work is paramount. Logitech’s experience underscores the positive aspects of hybrid models, promoting work-life balance, reducing commuting time, and enhancing employee wellbeing. This culture fosters inclusivity, particularly addressing the needs of employees with caregiving responsibilities.

Sustainability in focus

The hybrid model is integral to Logitech’s sustainability commitment, reducing carbon emissions linked to commuting and office energy use. The use of digital tools and video conferencing minimises the necessity for business travel.

A customised approach with a focus on productivity
Recognising diverse organisational needs, Lepore stresses a tailored approach to the hybrid model, urging businesses to prioritise productivity rather than time spent. It is key to evaluate each organisation’s situation to align their workplace models with broader business strategies, including financial, social, and sustainability goals. Revamping work structures should prioritise productivity and consider where teams perform optimally—whether in the office, at home, or in a hybrid arrangement. 

Industry collaboration for progress

Lepore noticed that industry leaders like Logitech, Microsoft, and Zoom are spearheading efforts to empower businesses of all sizes, regardless of their current setup. Advances in video conferencing technology have brought about newfound flexibility, heightened productivity, enhanced organisational culture, and improved sustainability.

The power of choice

In contrast to the pandemic era, when remote work was the only option, businesses now have choices. Logitech is committed to supporting businesses as they navigate toward the most effective and productive work model.