By Chris Nicholls

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple has confirmed third party applications will be available for its 3G iPhone, announced this morning Australian time, including games from some of the world’s big names.

The applications will be available to download from the device via either 3G or WiFi, and from launch include special software for eBay, Associated Press and Major League Baseball.

Games include Sega’s Super Monkey Ball, Pangea’s 3D puzzle game Enigmo and race game Cro-Mag Rally (which uses the iPhone’s accelerometer so players can hold the iPhone horizontally and use it like a steering wheel), and a prototype 3D combat game akin to God of war from Digital Legends Entertainment.

Graphics on the demonstrated games appeared to be at a level far above those available on all current phones sold outside of Japan, with most comparing favourably to the Nintendo DS and some easily better.

All games will be priced from US$9.99. Local prices have yet to be announced.