By Patrick Avenell in Shunde

SHUNDE, CHINA: Gas appliances have been added to the Shunde show this year to help stimulate interest from external parties, according to Michael Dreyer of the show’s organiser, Koelnmesse.

Although gas appliances make up a large proportion of all manufacturing in the region, the focus of the show previously had primarily been on Shunde’s other great strength, small appliances. Dreyer said that because the demand was there, Shunde decided to introduce a dedicated gas section.

“Product here is very much concentrated on gas appliances on one side and small appliances on the other side, but the gas appliances had not been represented in the Shunde expo prominently in the past,” Dreyer said.

“Demand seems to be very strong, so we thought it would be a good time to add on this section — to concentrate gas appliances in one particular section, because it’s easier for international and domestic [suppliers] to actually source the process.”

Another introduction this year is the showcasing of product design and innovation. Dreyer said that many suppliers were not aware that Shunde had the capability to research its own products, and were relying on their own specifications, either sourced internally or form other regions of China. Dreyer wants to change this, with guests at the show becoming more comfortable leaving the whole process in the hands of the Shunde locals.

“The other two sections we added to showcase the strength were product design and innovation of the Shunde local industry,” Dreyer said.

“The local industry here is primarily known for homegrown production, and some other big companies are actually based here, and also for contract manufacturing, where the design and specifications are actually coming from somewhere outside.

“We wanted to showcase that there’s actually product design, and research and development, capabilities here. The Shunde government is putting a lot of effort into building this part of the industry up to make it more independent and make it grow strong.”