By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: LG has announced new marketing activity, some more traditional than others, to promote its Black Label range of mobile phones.

The Korean phone manufacturer has placed billboard and poster advertisements throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane promoting the Secret, KF700, Viewty and KF390 handsets. The motif of this range is “style that lasts”, and to highlight that brand image, Chris Noth, who played Mr Big on Sex and the City, is the face of this campaign. In a tongue-in-cheek reference to his big screen character’s reluctance to settle down, Noth’s caption in the advertisements is “Finally, something I can commit to”.

Talking about this marketing activity is LG marketing manager mobile communications, Carli Wilson.

“In terms of marketing these devices we recognise the role that style and design plays in the consumer’s decision making process. A phone’s design consistently rates in the top three factors when purchasing a handset alongside price and features,” said Wilson.

In a more inventive marketing manoeuvre, LG is set to launch the LG Big Bus this September. This bus will have LG branding on the exterior and will be fitted out inside with LG devices and promotional material. The buses will run along popular CBD routes during peak hours in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, giving commuters a free lift whilst subjecting them to direct marketing and demonstrations.

“The goal of this experiential activity is for LG to provide a captive audience with a significant opportunity to get hands-on experience with the latest LG mobile phone range,” said Wilson.