By Claire Reilly

Italian cooking and kitchen appliance brand Smeg has announced a new addition to its pop-colour range of FAB refrigerators and dishwashers for the Australian market. The FAB10 Happy Bar fridge takes the retro design of the traditional FAB fridge and squeezes into a more compact, bar fridge form factor.

“Sporting the same curvaceous retro styling as its FAB28, FAB32 and BLV1 cousins, the FAB10 makes a powerful standalone statement in any kitchen, living or entertaining space – even office or studio,” said a Smeg spokesperson.

The FAB10 has a capacity of 128 litres and a height of 96 centimetres, compared to the 271-litre, 145-centimetre size of the larger FAB28 refrigerator. It features automatic defrost, an adjustable thermostat and two quick-chill crystal glass shelves, as well as a two-level wine rack and two 10-can holders.

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The Happy Bar refrigerator is available in red, black and cream and has a 2.5-star energy rating using 203 kilowatt hours per year. It is available nationally for RRP $2,990.

The new FAB10 Happy Bar refrigerator is available in red, black and cream.

A range of Smeg's bigger FAB28 fridge doors on show in the company's Melbourne showroom.