With new and innovative features.

With the new V-ZUG combi—steam MSLQ, V-ZUG became the first supplier to combine three types of heating – conventional, steam and microwave – in a single appliance. There will be updated recipes and a Vacuisine Sous Vide program to align perfectly with the Vacuisine Draw. Exclusive power functions include PowerSteaming, which allows vegetables to be cooked approximately one-third faster; PowerRegeneration enables gentle and quick heating; and PowerPlus combines any operating mode with a microwave to reduce cooking times by 30% to 75%, depending on the setting. This version is expected to launch in the Australian market in October.

V-ZUG’s Vacuisine draw comes with a specially designed sealing pad that holds the vacuum when a probe is inserted. This enables the precision temperature of a probe for the perfect roast. It offers three different settings for fruit, vegetables and meat. There is also now a liquid setting, which has been designed for vacuum sealing wine bottles and food containers. Users can also vacuum seal liquid in bags thanks to the design preventing the vacuum sucking liquid out with the air.

“Consumers are often overwhelmed by steam functionality often saying they don’t want to learn how to cook again. This is where V-ZUG takes all the guesswork out. We have developed the most amazing sensor driven automatic function called BakeOmatic where the users just simply select the food type, how they want it cooked and what time they would like the dish ready,” V-ZUG sales and marketing director, Mark Tragear said.

“There is no need to set a cooking time, temperature or humidity as the oven will do this automatically using eight different cooking sensors providing a perfect result every time and ready at the time you selected. There are even 116 pre-programmed cooking guides to help with almost every food you can imagine,” he added.

They are available in 38cm, 45cm and 60cm sizes, and with plumbed or tank filled options.