Ilve has presented a prototype of its Panoramagic cooker that was initially launched in 1970, shortly after the company’s establishment the year prior, and was available to the market for approximately 10 years. But it has undergone a makeover to meet the trends of 2017.

Speaking to Ilve owner and general sales manager, Alberto Illotti, the cooker has been reinvented “to give value to the brand’s history and bring some magic to the cooking category.”

As the cooker displayed on the stand was a prototype, the finer details are yet to be confirmed. However, it will feature electronic controls, a colour touch control display with 10 functions, where users also choose the temperature and time of cooking, as well as pyrolytic cleaning. The LED lights on the control knobs illuminate in red and the colour intensity shifts according to the power level. Illotti told Appliance Retailer that built-in recipes and steam functionality will be considered in future development. It will initially be available in stainless steel, with colour options another potential consideration to suit any kitchen style, whether it be contemporary, classical or country. It is likely to be available in 90cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm, although this is also to be confirmed.

There was also a a Panoramagic oven that offers the same functionality as the cooker. Ilve is also hoping to launch cooktops to complement the range.