The AEG Mastery range of appliances first launched at IFA in Berlin in September 2016 was again highlighted at Living Kitchen in Cologne, this week. The range consists of an oven, refrigerator, induction cooktop and dishwasher. AEG brand ambassador and internationally renowned chef, Christian Mittermeier, who was conducting live cooking demonstrations for attendees, said the Mastery range is all about making cooking easier than ever.

“Many consumers have fear or self-doubt when cooking, in particular, for meat dishes – is it cooking at the right temperature? how long will it take to achieve a medium rare result? So AEG is bringing meaningful innovation to make cooking more simple and less stressful. For example, the oven provides a step-by-step guide where users can select their dish and the result they would like to achieve, and the oven will tell them the time it will take and what temperature it will cook at, by default, although this can be altered by the user,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“Other examples include the refrigerator, which has a CustomFlex zone in the door which allows users to easily adjust shelf heights and containers can easily be taken straight to the benchtop for cooking preparation; the induction cooktop automatically connects to the rangehood when switched on, and the dishwasher has a lift and pull function so users no longer need to bend down to empty the dishes in the bottom rack,” he added.