Miele have just announced the launch of their new EcoComfort heat pump dryer, which is the company’s first tumble dryer to achieve a six star energy efficient rating in accordance with Australian standards.

Miele promise that the EcoComfort, in comparison with other conventional condenser dryers, has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 46 per cent. Which not only provides significant environmental benefits but also reduces operating costs for the consumer.

Miele product manager for laundry care and dishwashers, Rodney Manauzzi, is very enthusiastic about this new introduction.

“We anticipate a very strong uptake of this product by Australian consumers. The ultimate economy and positive environmental implications of this laundry appliance speak for themselves. To offer customers a tumble dryer with a six-star energy rating is truly extraordinary, and Miele has achieved just that.”

“Apart from the normal and regular cleaning of the filters, the heat pump technology is designed and tested to be maintenance-free while, like all Miele appliances, it provides 20 years of reliable service – some 5,000 program cycles of normal domestic use,” he said.

To enhance energy efficiency, the EcoComfort dryer operates on two closed circuits. Manauzzi explains “in the cooling circuit, heat energy is transferred to process air while residual heat from the drying process is recovered.”

In addition, the heat pump technology promises to take even gentler care of fabrics, as drying temperatures have been reduced by up to 25%.

The Miele EcoComfort is expected to be available for customer deliveries by the second quarter of 2009 for an introductory price of $3,199.