LG has launched its 2022 television range incorporating a new Art Lifestyle TV, the world’s largest OLED TV, and new 8K QNED Mini LED models. The range consists of 42 models with prices starting from $1,079 through to $59,999.

The LG OLED line-up welcomes two new screen sizes including the 42-inch C2 model and world’s largest home 4K LG OLED display, the 97-inch G2 model. 

LG’s OLED evo technology is available across more models in 2022, delivering enhanced brightness thanks to a new manufacturing process and an improved processor.

In 2022, LG is also offering an extended five-year limited OLED panel warranty on LG Z2 and G2 OLED TV models.All other models will feature the standard one-year parts and labour warranty.

The new LG ART90 Lifestyle TV (pictured below) offers a unique form factor within a modern design plus fabric cover, created by Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat.

Using the LG Magic Remote, the fabric can be raised or lowered to partially cover the display to only see a curated selection of lifestyle functions. By lowering the cover completely, users can experience a full viewing experience on the 65-inch LG OLED evo screen.

Making content discovery and navigation even easier, LG has enhanced the user experience with its new webOS 22 interface. The ‘My Profile’ feature lets users create personal profiles for more personalised content recommendations.

In addition, the LG Magic Remote comes with the Magic Tap feature, which allows users to easily mirror content from an NFC-enabled Android smartphone to their LG TV for viewing content. With Apple AirPlay 2, users can stream content including Dolby Vision titles from iPhone, iPad and Mac to their compatible LG TV sets.

In 2022, LG OLED TVs incorporate Dolby Vision IQ to intelligently adjust contrast and brightness, based on the content and room ambient lighting conditions. Exclusive to the top models is Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, which detects the content, applying the optimal tone curve for enhanced contrast and detail in bright areas on HDR content.  

For sporting fans, LG has expanded the ‘Sports Alert’ notifications across new codes this year, including AFL, NRL and International Rugby Union, to join existing sports including Premier League, NBA and NFL games.

As the company’s premium LED TV offering, the LG QNED Mini LED range combines Quantum Dot and NanoCell. Featuring hundreds of dimming zones and mini LEDs, LG QNED Mini LED TVs deliver more precise control of brightness, deeper blacks and ultra-high contrast ratios. 

Four new QNED Mini LED models in both 4K and 8K join the 2022 LG TV line-up in a variety of sizes from 65- to 86-inches. For 8K content viewing, these TVs combine high pixel density with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies and Mini LED lights, as well as the Alpha 9 AI Processor (α9Gen5).

The LG QNED Mini LED 4K and 8K TVs now include Precision Dimming and Precision Dimming Pro+ technology, respectively. With these features, users will experience bright and clear images while between 1,200-2,000 individual dimming zones deliver precise backlight control and a high contrast ratio.