Most views ever.

The LG Nano Cell Super Challenge video clip has received an estimated 6.6 million views per day globally since its release on 30 April, and has become LG’s first video to achieve 200 million views.

The video, starring former Brazilian football superstar, Kakà, has been featured across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It emphasises the importance of colour accuracy at wide viewing angles as consumers can watch TV from off-axis positions not just facing straight on.

In Australia, the video received 4.8 million views on LG Australia owned social media channels in May 2018. This figure is approximately one-fifth of the Australian population.

LG Electronics Australia said, “It’s no secret that Australians love sport and the TV is still a favourite source for sport consumption in the home. The LG Nano Cell Super Challenge video provided an opportunity to entertain Australians on our local social media channels and the ability to continue to highlight the advantages of LG Nano Cell technology when viewing sport.”