LG Twin Wash Launch Event, Pier One, Walsh Bay, 29th of June, 2017

Watch the key benefits of its latest washing machine.

Almost half of Australian consumers (46%) do laundry two to four times each week, according to the 2017 LG annual household survey. With this in mind, LG has developed the Twin Wash washer dryer combo unit designed to cut down large every day loads. Its 16kg capacity is combined with a small top load pedestal washer of up to 2.5 kg for speciality and lightly soiled items, such as delicates and frequently washed gym gear.

Addressing a select group of media at the local launch event in Sydney on Thursday, LG Australia general manager for marketing, Angus Jones said, “Today is somewhat about how technology has changed. The average purchase cycle of a washing machine is about 10 years so customers will come into the market through change of circumstance, such as moving house or change in family size or their old machine has broken down. Our Twin Wash machines all represent advancement in washing.

LG Twin Wash Launch Event at Sydney’s Pier One, Walsh Bay

“The first thing you notice about the Twin Wash is its size because it has a large footprint. It offers a 16kg main wash capacity and 9kg drying capacity, in addition to another smaller 2.5kg washing capacity. So the reality is that this machine can save consumers a lot of time. Users can separate lights and darks or normal and delicates in one wash.

“How many have you been in a situation where you have put a load of washing on and then forgotten about it? These machines send a message to your smartphone to tell you that the washing is finished.”

LG Australia national training manager, Steve Abbey went on to highlight the key benefits of the Twin Wash.


“This is basically like purchasing three machines, two washers and a dryer, and condensing them into one machine. One of the key benefits is a maximum drying load line on the machine so users know when they have loaded 9kg worth of washing into the drum.

“With our washer/dryer combo, you can do a normal cotton cycle followed by a dry cycle. There is a new program called speed wash and dry, which will wash and dry the items in approximately 90 minutes.

“Another feature the machine offers is steam. Most of the washing machines on the market heat the water to 60 degrees but there will still be cold spots in the drum but the steam fills the whole drum to eliminate cold spots.

LG Twin Wash Retail Display 

“Our Wi-Fi connectivity feature SmartThinQ allows users to put the machine into a remote start mode. The idea is that in the morning, you will turn the machine on, load it up, put the detergent in and push and hold the remote start button for three seconds. When you do that, you will get a notification on your phone that it has been activated. So as long as you have a data connection, you can control your washing machine from anywhere. Furthermore, after a wash and dry cycle, it can do a four hour crease care cycle.

“There is also a pause function for missed items. Most LG washing machines released from 2006 offer a pause function which will unlock the door so I can add or remove things from the wash. You are able to do this at any time during the cycle, as long as it’s before the final spin.

The LG Twin Wash will be available at selected Harvey Norman and The Good Guys stores from early July for an RRP of $3,999.