With 2024 in full swing, the latest technology innovations have been announced, indicating an increase in popularity for new screens and monitors designed with specific users in mind.

LG Electronics Australia has revealed the top trends that it expects to see more of in 2024 and how new product innovations are set to revolutionise work and play. 

  1. Smart monitors

Gone are the days of multiple consoles and tangled cords with the range of wireless connectivity options available to consumers. Compounded by the rise of remote working, there’s an increasing convergence between work and entertainment with the rise of smart monitors. As employees continue to work from home, investment in supporting high-performance products has been paramount.

However, when paired with conscious spending among consumers, there is also strong demand for products that can flex in and out of uses. Built in line with traditional monitor aesthetics, these screens come with the ease and accessibility of a television, for users to easily flip from work to play without needing to connect or switch to another device.

2. On-the-go efficiency

The one-stop-shop style of technology emerging with the smart monitor is also feeding into portable technology, with laptop designs becoming smarter, more efficient and functional. Key elements include lightweight frames, powerful processors, and long-life batteries.

Expect to see versatile two-in-one laptops becoming more popular, giving users the freedom to shift between a traditional laptop format and tablet use. Products like the LG gram 2-in-1 provide users with five different configurations that allow for flexible working styles, supported by the 13th Gen Intel Core processor.

3. Gaming for all

There has been a 21% increase in gamers in Australia since 2021, with 81% of Australians now playing video games, according to the Australia Plays 2023 report by IGEA and Bond University.

As part of this, the way individuals and families use gaming is also changing with 91% of parents using video games to connect with their children. With over $4.2 billion spent across gaming software and hardware in 2023, brands are developing gaming-specific products to provide the best experience. Products like the LG UltraGear Curved OLED Monitor incorporate dynamic features across technology and design.

4. Personal expression

With technology such an integral part of everyday life, having products that not only look good but suit personal aesthetics is a unique criterion for shoppers. By delivering products that provide simple functionalities or a choice of colours, brands are empowering shoppers to have the technology they need without compromising on style, on the go and in the home. Breaking away from typical black or silver finishes, shoppers can express themselves with their technology.