LG Electronics Australia is launching its latest range of 1:1 ducted system and ceiling mounted cassette system designed for residential dwellings and commercial buildings.

The Single Split System solutions feature a R1 Compressor with a patented hybrid scroll shape and Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor. The R1 Compressor works to reduce up to 4dB of noise and vibration.

The black fin on the outdoor unit is made from aluminium and a hydrophilic film feature. Developed to promote the flow of water droplet build-up and reduce corrosion, the black fins remove excessive moisture build up which helps extend the lifespan of the unit and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

All new LG Single Split System models are compatible with the LG ThinQ app for users to access insights, remotely turn the unit on and off, select various modes, and set temperatures and fan speeds. When repairs are necessary, users can download the Mobile LG Monitoring View app which allows engineers to inspect and monitor the unit.

When it comes to installation, the in-built drain pump and short depth of the low-static and mid-static pressure models work together to offer greater flexibility for narrow spaces or limited ceiling space. Meanwhile, achieving a maximum length of 85 metres in total pipe length and an elevation length up to 30 metres, the models also accommodate larger and taller buildings.

Ideal for design-conscious residential and commercial spaces, the LG Single Split System Ceiling Concealed Duct offers a UVnano filter box as an optional accessory for the mid static UMN models, supporting a safer indoor environment with its three-step filtration system. By trapping and removing various harmful substances, the sterilising LG UVnano ultraviolet light reduces viruses and bacteria up to 99.99%.

The optional controller accessory for ducted models features Dual Sensing Control to provide optimal air and comfort during both wet and dry summer conditions. The system senses high or low humidity levels and adjusts its operating ratio to reduce or increase humidity.

The optional controller accessory also comes equipped with the Auto E.S.P. (External Static Pressure) Setting for users to adjust and control the air volume by remote control. Using two thermistors control, the solution compares the air temperature in the ceiling and the floor to automatically select the optimum temperature.

The LG Single Split System Ceiling Mounted Cassette offers efficient operation for heating and cooling, and convenient installation in a range of spaces. The new four-way cassette panel features a unibody shape designed to save space and reduce installation costs. Available in Dual Vane White, the cassette unit seamlessly blends in with most interior ceiling spaces.

Equipped with detachable corners, the unit can be adjusted during installation, allowing for leakage checks. Featuring a wide inlet design, 3D turbo fan, and an integrated heat exchanger, the unit can heat or cool a room faster by decreasing air resistance and increasing cooling and heating efficiency.

A range of optional accessories are available for the LG Single Split System Ceiling Mounted Cassette including a Human Detection Sensor, Floor Detection Sensor and Air Purification Function.