LG Electronics has rolled out its latest premium LED/LCD TV range with the launch of its QNED Mini LED TVs available in 4K and 8K variants.

Combining Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technology, the QNED Mini LED TVs deliver improved blacks, more accurate colour reproduction and enhanced contrast, complemented by a sleek and slim exterior.

The TVs use thousands of Mini LED lights to deliver bright and clear images with between 960 and 2,400 individual dimming zones depending on the model for more precise backlight control with high contrast ratios.

Further enhancing the viewing experience, the Alpha Gen4 and Alpha Gen4 AI processors integrate deep learning technology to upscale content, in addition to Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos titles available via select content streaming services.

For avid sports fans, the Sports Alert features enables users to receive notifications about key moments before, during and after games for sports such as Rugby Union, Premier League, NBA and NFL.

The QNED Mini LED TV range also features the new LG webOS 6.0 interface and voice connectivity via LG ThinQ, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control TV functions and access content using natural language commands.

The QNED91 4K model is available in 65-, 75- and 86-inch with RRPs starting from $4,679, the QENED96 8K is available in 65- and 75-inch for RRP $4,799 and $5,999 respectively, and the QNED99 8K comes in 65-, 75- and 86-inch sizes retailing from $5,759.