Releases new models.

The new LG WH air conditioning series incorporates some of LG’s most innovative technology yet and ten year inverter compressor parts warranty.

Users can program the air conditioner and set preferred temperatures with the LG Smart ThinQ app, as well as control energy consumption with real-time and weekly/monthly energy usage and alerts. The Active Energy Control feature means users can cap the energy consumption with three levels of power reduction for individual energy-saving needs.

LG’s WH Series has been designed to keep household air cleaner, whilst also keeping users cool in summer, and warm in winter. The Plasmaster Ioniser Plus works by infusing the air with over three million ions to reduce microscopic particles. This sterilises over 99% of adhering bacteria and deodorises the air.

With Plasmaster Autocleaning, the interior of the air conditioner is maintained by drying off the heat exchanger, then the interior is sterilised once more with Plasmaster ions to help minimise unwanted mould and odours.

LG marketing manager for air conditioning, Bruce Leigh said, “LG is at the forefront of air conditioning innovation and design, and the LG WH series is a testament to this encapsulating LG’s ethos of making life good by connecting with the real needs and desires of consumers and innovating around them.”

The LG WH Series air conditioners are available in specialised dealers across Australia.