Shares customer experiences.

LG has launched a new campaign for its OLED TV series called ‘Love My OLED’ that includes four Australian families sharing their experiences of buying and watching LG OLED TV.

OLED technology has already been adopted by more than 20,000 Australian homes in the last 12 months and is now the fastest growing TV segment in the country.


LG home electronics marketing manager, Grant Vandenberg said, “The feedback we have had from OLED TV owners in Australia has been that they just love it. OLED is a different type of TV technology because it doesn’t have a backlight and this creates a perfect black that projects over a billion colours. The image quality is like no other TV on the market today. You really need to see this for yourself in the store to appreciate the difference.

“With ‘Love my OLED’ we wanted the consumer to tell the story for us. These are 100% authentic testimonials and because it features real people, the ads avoid the jargon typically associated with how manufacturers sell TVs. We are extremely grateful to these people who opened up their homes to us and shared their OLED experience.

“When you’re purchasing a $4,000 TV for the home, it’s rarely a decision made in isolation by one person. So we wanted to dig a little deeper into what different family members were looking for as part of the buying process, and what features they think are really important. We certainly got that.”

The campaign was created in collaboration with Tonic the Agency.