LG Electronics Australia is rolling out its first local brand campaign in over a decade, designed to better connect the brand, its products, and values with consumers.

To support the campaign, titled ‘Rediscover Good’, LG will more than double its media spend to the end of the year compared to the same period in 2020.

It’s been 21 years since LG Australia coined the ‘Life’s Good’ slogan and in creating the new campaign, the brand had to rethink what ‘Life’s Good’ meant for today’s consumers in light of Covid-19.

LG Electronics Australia marketing director, Gemma Lemieux said last year, LG undertook a six-month research program to speak to thousands of households across the country to understand how their lives were changing on the back of Covid-19 and what role LG played in helping them.

“Despite the pandemic, Australians were more optimistic than expected with households determined to make the most of what they had,” she said.

“There were two key themes to come from the research, the first was the importance of home as it became a source of control and comfort, and as a brand, we wanted to tap into that. Australians don’t want products that solve all of their problems – they want products they can use to solve their own challenges – a subtle but important distinction.

“The second key finding is that people make decisions around the home based on whether they will help them connect with others, even during periods of isolation. They wanted to enhance their relationships with family and friends.

“Over time, the LG brand has become more functional, and we needed to rethink how we relate to Australian consumers. Previous LG campaigns were not reflective of the way Australians live, product categories were siloed and didn’t show how they function together to make home life easier. We were missing a unique identity for the brand in the Australian market, and we believe this campaign achieves that.

“To connect more authentically with Australian consumers, we created a holistic campaign that depicted real Australian homes and people demonstrating how they use LG products in real-life scenarios. ‘Life’s Good’ is still at the core of our identity at LG Electronics Australia.

“’Rediscover Good’ aims to playfully underscore how our LG technology brings good to our daily lives through countless tiny moments to remind and inspire them to rediscover their everyday.”

The soundtrack is an integral part of the overall creative, composed using an eclectic mix of everyday sounds and character jingles found from around the home. The combination of the music track from Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’ song, visceral sound design and split screen collectively builds momentum and creates an engaging rhythm that celebrates joy and inspires listeners to appreciate the good in everyday moments.  

The Works agency spearheaded the creative direction of the campaign, working with film director, Kate Halpin, The Sweetshop on the production and Squeak E. Clean Studios on the soundtrack. The campaign was managed by LG’s media agency, Hearts & Science.

‘Rediscover Good’ is now running across broadcast, digital and social media with out of home and retail marketing commencing in the coming months.