LG Business Solutions (LG) has unveiled its latest project with Sydney Dance Company, integrating technology into the Walsh Bay Wharf Studios to enhance the visitor experience. 

Building upon a two-year partnership between LG Electronics and Sydney Dance Company, the recent renovation delivered digital display solutions across four dance studios, as well as fitting them with new sound systems, flooring and acoustic treatment. 

The minimalist design of LG display solutions blend seamlessly throughout the building in various spaces including the dance studios, theatre and foyer space, gym and conditioning studio, cafe and outdoor areas. The use of High Brightness Signage and Outdoor Display in both the exterior and interior was an immersive addition to the venue.

LG Electronics marketing director, Gemma Lemieux said, “LG Business Solutions has a global reputation for delivering best-in-class commercial technologies across many industries, providing businesses with reliable and premium display solutions that enhance customer experiences and anticipate their future needs.

“We’re proud to partner with Sydney Dance Company to deliver a state-of-the-art facility that enhances visitor experiences, from the moment they enter the venue with impactful outdoor signage, through to an immersive audio visual experience in the studios that sparks creativity. Elevating the long-standing legacy of the institution with intuitive and premium display solutions, this collaboration showcases our reliability as a partner for businesses ready to take the next step towards innovation.”

Sydney Dance Company philanthropy and partnerships director, Alan Watt added,  “Our partnership with LG means we are well equipped with the latest technology and LG screens feature extensively in the Sydney Dance Company’s Wharf Studios, from signage to the interactive screens in our Pilates studio. These state-of-the-art screens create opportunities for our team to promote our performances, dance classes, and display other key messages, and we can easily and regularly update them.” 

Within the café, LG introduced Digital Menu displays designed to provide precise and accurate content delivery for a more user-friendly interface. Achieving brightness levels of 700 cd/m2 to enhance visibility even in well-lit environments, coupled with a built-in LG webOS platform, the Digital Menu displays improve the efficiency and ease of the ordering process.

Several units of the LG One:Quick Flex were placed throughout the dance studios to cater to the broad range of uses, including rehearsals, performances, and event promotions. With adaptable configurations packaged within an all-in-one display, complete with In-Cell touch technology, built-in camera, microphones and speakers, the LG One:Quick Flex streamlined virtual communication to improve efficiency in coordinating performances and events.