LG Electronics (LG) has confirmed organisational changes designed to accelerate the company’s future growth and enhance its ability to create differentiated customer value and experiences.

This includes the establishment of the Corporate Customer Experience (CX) Centre, which will report directly to LG headquarters. The CX Centre will be led by executive vice president, Lee Chul-bae, who previously served as head of the Corporate Design Management Centre.

LG executive vice president, Lee Chul-bae will lead the CX Centre.

The primary function of the CX Centre will be to create a seamless and expanded customer experience. It will also develop strategies and roadmaps to foster greater innovation at every stage of the customer experience journey from product planning and customer service to future business models.

The CX Centre will also encompass the CX Strategy Division, charged with the discovery and promotion of company goals and core tasks, and the LSR Customer Research Centre, formerly the Life Soft Research (LSR) Lab.

The LG Platform Business Centre will play a new role in integrating and organising LG ThinQ services, responsibilities that were previously distributed across corporate and business headquarters. Moving forward, the Centre will be headed by vice president, Jung Ki-hyun, who joined LG in September this year. He previously held roles at eBay Korea and Google as well as acting CEO of Meta Korea.

In 2023 and beyond, LG will continue to focus on improving supply chain management (SCM) and augmenting its Digital Transformation (DX) capabilities. To this end, the company’s Procurement and SCM Management Centre has been renamed the Global Operation Centre, with the functions and roles of the Production Planning Division transferred from the Production Engineering Research Institute.

LG will also strengthen its agile and responsive decision-making system across all four business units.

Lyu Jae-cheol, head of the Home Appliance & Air Solution (H&A) company, has been promoted to president in recognition of his success in improving the H&A performance and product portfolio. Jae-cheol has worked in various areas of the LG home appliance business since 1989, including in the R&D and production departments.

LG has promoted Lyu Jae-cheol to president of Home Appliance & Air Solution.

Eun Seok-hyun, head of the Vehicle component Solutions (VS) company, was promoted to vice president. Under his leadership, the LG vehicle component solutions business has achieved operational stability with an improved profit and loss structure and has constructed a strong business portfolio.

LG has promoted Eun Seok-hyun to vice president of Vehicle component Solutions.

Another key change is the H&A Company’s “Living Appliance Business’ and “Kitchen Appliance Business” transitioning to the “Living Solution Business” and “Kitchen Solution Business” respectively. The renaming aligns with the company’s renewed focus on customer experience innovation and points to a greater emphasis on content and services.

The Home Entertainment (HE) Company is set to increase its capacity to create customer value by establishing the Indonesia Research and Development Division under the HE R&D Lab Institute to enhance collaboration between overseas R&D and manufacturing bases.

The VS Company aims to strengthen its capabilities in purchasing, producing and SCM by establishing an operation group that manages the integrated operation of the electric vehicle component business.