LG Electronics Australia held an exclusive event in Sydney’s eastern suburbs to unveil the latest addition to its Signature collection, the LG Signature 430L1 Wine Cellar.

Customers can register their interest in the wine cellar prior to the official launch in January 2021 with a price tag of $8,999.

The wine storage solution joins the LG Signature TwinWash Washing Machine, 700L French Door Fridge with InstaView Door-in-Door and ZX 8K OLED TV.

To celebrate the launch, LG has teamed up with Australian wine distributor, Good Pair Days, and chef and co-owner of Three Blue Ducks and Rocker Bond, Darren Robertson, to educate Australians about wine storage and food pairing.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar can store up to 65 bottles. Featuring a sleek and scratch-resistant metal frame structure, the wine cellar creates optimal conditions by controlling temperatures, humidity levels and minimising vibrations and light exposure. The unit also includes a drawer to store foods such as cheese and snacks.

Two temperature shelves provide the optimal conditions to preserve the wines and avoid premature aging. For red wine, the top shelf can be set between 11℃ and 18℃, while the middle shelf for white wine can be set between 5℃ and 11℃ and the bottom shelf for storing champagne is pre-set at 5℃ to 8℃.

Humidity control preserves wine flavour and label quality by keeping the air inside at an ideal humidity level, while LG vibration technology prevents the bottles from vibrating, safeguarding the wine’s flavour and characteristics.

For the preservation of any wine collection, exposure to light must be limited. The triple-pane black mirror coated wine cellar glass door shields bottles against heat and UV light.

The wine cellar features a glass InstaView panel on the door, also available on select LG refrigerators. With just two knocks, the panel turns transparent to reveal what’s inside without opening the door, reducing cold air loss.

The Auto Open Door feature allows users to open the door hands-free by stepping on the holographic light, ‘Door Open’ on the base of the fridge.

The convertible drawer is customisable, for storing cheese and cold cuts using the fridge temperature mode or storing meats for a BBQ using the freezer function. It lifts automatically with a push of a button for easier access to food and drinks.

LG Electronics Australia marketing director, Gemma Lemieux said, “At LG Australia we have been facilitating luxury living in the home through our LG Signature product range since 2017. We are pleased to introduce the wine cellar to this product category to further enrich everyday lifestyles and support the growing trend of entertaining at home.”

Good Pair Days co-founder and wine buyer, Banjo Harris-Plane, commented on the partnership. “We are excited to be partnering with LG as they enter the wine cellar market – it’s a game-changer in any modern Australian home. We are working together on this launch to highlight the importance of storing wines, so they can be experienced the way the winemaker intended. We couldn’t be prouder to work with LG on this.”

Three Blue Ducks and Rocker Bondi chef and co-owner, Darren Robertson added: “The Australian food and wine industry need our support more than ever, so I am thrilled to be partnering with LG and Good Pair Days to showcase locally sourced Australian food and wines. Together we are showing how matching exciting food and wines can be easily achieved by the home cook.”