LG Electronics Australia is introducing five-star rated energy and water efficient front load washing machines with three new Series 9 models available in 9kg (WV9-1609B) and 10kg (WV9-1610B and WV9-1610W) capacities.  

Each model is equipped with a five-star energy and WELS water rating, allowing consumers to benefit from up to 27% energy savings and up to 30% water savings for every additional star. 

“We are facing record-high inflation in Australia and as value for money matters more than ever, many consumers are making lifestyle adjustments to align more closely with their budgets. As a result, we are seeing a trend of consumers actively seeking energy-conscious home appliances that can help alleviate some of this financial pressure,” LG Australia marketing manager for home appliances, Shannon Tweedie said.

“LG is committed to delivering innovative products for a better life, and we are demonstrating this vision with our refreshed energy and water efficient laundry line-up. Our latest five-star rated front load washers help cost-conscious Australians reduce their utility bills and care for their clothes with clever automation for a consistently thorough clean.”   

Beyond reducing costs, the latest LG front load washing machines add convenience to doing the laundry through time-saving features, such as Turbo Clean 360. Using four water jets that work together to efficiently clean fabrics, each model is capable of washing 5kg of lightly soiled clothing in only 39 minutes. Users can also pause and add items to the wash before the spin cycle begins (subject to temperature and water levels.

LG AI DD technology is featured across all three models and harnesses AI to communicate directly with the Direct Drive Motor for multiple different load cycles. In three steps, the front load washers automatically detect the weight and fabric softness of the load and select the optimal cycle, providing a tailored, thorough wash while reducing damage to fabrics. 

Providing an even deeper clean, Six Motion Wash technology, uses a combination of six motions – stepping, tumbling, scrubbing, filtration, rolling and swinging – emulating handwashing for a thorough clean across a variety of fabric types. In addition, the Allergy Care cycle harnesses steam to open fibres and reduce exposure to common household allergens.

Compatible with LG ThinQ, users can remotely start or monitor the load while on-the-go, as well as monitor energy and water consumption, view wash cycle history, diagnose and troubleshoot issues, or download new wash cycles.

The latest 9kg (WV9-1609B) and 10kg (WV9-1610B) Series 9 front load washing machines in black steel are available now from RRP $1,399. The 10kg Series 9 model in white finish (WV9-1610W) will be available in May 2023.