By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Emilia Glem is looking for a new sales agent in Western Australia to help it secure more business in the state for its range of Italian cooking appliances.

According to the company, a change in its business direction requires a new agent after it part ways with its WA agent of four years, G&R Marketing.

Emilia Glem general manager, David Gilmore, said all enquiries should be directed to head office on 1300 307 917 or via fax on (02) 9721 2766.

In other news for the company, coinciding with the release of its new Emilia gas cooker range, Emilia Glem is launching its ‘mygreenoven’ educational campaign to target environmentally aware consumers and win them over to gas ovens.

Gilmore said information about the environmental benefits of purchasing a gas cooker, including energy savings and low carbon emissions, was a vital part of his marketing campaign.

Emilia Glem is currently releasing its mygreenoven in-store education campaign, featuring swing tags, as well as public relations activities publicising the benefits of gas appliances to coincide with the release of the new Emilia cookers.

According to the company, the PR campaign involves an information campaign during July and August targeting consumer lifestyle publications as well as trade media.

The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) claims the average Australian home produces about half a tonne of carbon emissions each year from energy used for cooking. The AGO also pointed out that a gas cooktop produces about 50 per cent less carbon emissions than a standard electric unit.

According to the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy, changing from electric to gas cooking can save around half a tonne of greenhouse emissions per household each year. In a bid to encourage consumers to switch to gas appliances, they are offering a gas installation rebate of $500 to Queensland residents installing gas appliances in existing homes. Householders replacing electric, and some non-electric appliances, with gas appliances can also apply.

Also, a $200 rebate for a gas cooking appliance is available, with some conditions. The government is implementing the rebate scheme via arrangements with gas retailers, who will act as an agent to deliver the rebate as a credit on the homeowner’s gas bill.

Gilmore said the popularity of freestanding gas cookers across all of his company’s brands was proof of an emerging trend among today’s environmentally aware consumers.

“Given that gas cooking produces up to 50 per cent of emissions produced by electric cooking, we’re informing consumers that an Emilia gas cooker is the ideal solution for environmentally conscious households,” he said.

“While the majority of ovens on the market today are electric, gas ovens remain cheaper to run, with the added advantages of being able to heat up quickly and produce a moist heat that won’t dry out food,” said Gilmore.