By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sony Global’s non-vampire Twilight Football campaign is less than a week away now, and the local Sony Australia office is ramping up its promotion of the event.

The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia has been selected as one of the seven worldwide locations to host a match at twilight next week to mark the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Other locations include Cornwall, Venice, the French Alps, Iguassu Falls, Antequera in Spain, and South Africa.

At each of these locales, Sony is staging a soccer match between competition winners throughout the world. The overarching idea behind this campaign is to promote Sony’s digital imaging range, which will be used to capture the game, the setting and the sunset in these seven cities. The choice of a football match is not arbitrary, with Sony once again pushing its football credentials since partnering with FIFA.

“As an official FIFA partner, Sony embraces the emotion, inspiration and passion of the world’s favourite game,” said technology communications manager Paul Colley.

“Incredible moments happen in football and Sony’s digital imaging range allows you to capture these moments in crisp, clear quality, even in low light conditions such as twilight.

“This series of world-first events, happening simultaneously across the world, will demonstrate the power of Sony’s digital imaging range in a way never experienced before.”

Sony Twilight Football will run over 22 and 23 September.