By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: The man responsible for selling Beyonwiz into retail stores today criticised the decision to hold the event at a Dick Smith outlet.

Although DPG national sales manager Mark Dopson happily attended the event in the CBD, it was somewhat awkward for both parties, as Dick Smith does not sell Beyonwiz products.

“It would have been nice to have it a neutral venue so was could share it with our retailers,” Dopson told

In a synecdoche for the confusion surrounding Freeview, Beyonwiz PVRs were handsomely on show to the media, other manufacturers and Dick Smith customers today, all despite the retail group not stocking the product.

Dick Smith representatives told that it was happy to have to product in store for the launch, and for DPG to be present. No comment was given by either the retailer or the supplier as to why Dick Smith doesn’t sell Beyonwiz, or whether this is about to change.

In a related matter, when asked about holding a Freeview event in a Dick Smith store, Dick Smith general manager Debra Singh said that she understood her rivals’ dissatisfaction, but she did not consider it a badge of superiority.

“This is a Freeview media event,” she said. “I would have warmly welcomed them.”