Lenovo has announced details for its latest generation of consumer PCs, setting a new standard for AI-powered productivity and performance.

Powered by Intel Core Ultra processors in select models and equipped with Copilot in Windows 11, Lenovo’s new generation of Yoga, Legion, and LOQ laptops are AI-enabled, promising enhanced functionality, speed and creativity without compromising security and reliability.

Lenovo’s latest premium Yoga line-up is engineered to handle graphics-intensive tasks and heavy workloads. These laptops come equipped with colour calibrated PureSight Pro displays and PureSight OLED displays for greater screen brightness, colour contrast and accuracy. Long-lasting batteries and improved keyboard designs promise uninterrupted workflow.

The Yoga laptops are further enhanced with the Copilot key, a shortcut key for Copilot in Windows, an AI-powered intelligent assistant for answers and inspirations from across the web, while supporting creativity and collaboration.

The Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 and Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i laptops also incorporate Lenovo AI Engine+, driven by the Lenovo LA AI Core chips, which utilises software machine learning algorithms to optimise system performance.

To be released in the second half of 2024 is Lenovo Creator Zone, a privacy-focused, generative AI software turns text or sketches into visuals. Select Lenovo Yoga Pro laptops will also support image training where creators can train a personalised model that learns and creates images that match their style and preferences.

As demand for high-performance gaming laptops grows, Lenovo recognises the need for devices that can effortlessly handle games while managing overheating issues.

Exclusive to the Intel-based Lenovo Legion 7i and Lenovo Legion 5i, Lenovo introduced the Legion Coldfront: Hyper thermal solution, engineered to address the challenge of managing heat within gaming laptops.

By transforming the airflow within the chassis and channelling hot air from the chips through a central hyperbaric chamber, the Legion Coldfront: Hyper system optimises heat exchange. The bottom D-cover ensures hot air remains separate from cold air drawn in by dual fans.

Also found on Lenovo LOQ laptops, new hyperchamber thermal technology keeps processors cooler, drawing out up to an additional 25W of power in Extreme Mode while keeping skin temperatures up to 2°C cooler, and lowering fan noise by up to 2dB compared to its last generation.

The latest Lenovo gaming line-up introduces customisable AI-assisted performance boosts, setting a new standard for peak power efficiency and unparalleled gaming experiences. The latest generation of Lenovo’s Legion and Lenovo LOQ gaming laptops come equipped with the Lenovo LA AI Core Chips, enabling higher frames per second (FPS) and improved power efficiency.

Local pricing and availability for the new range is to be confirmed.