By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nespresso Australia last night lit up Pitt Street Mall for official gala opening of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest boutique, or ‘Embassy’ as it is known to the Swiss coffee maestros.

The sight of tall, glamorous models (known as ‘Embassarians’) striding down Sydney’s premier shopping thoroughfare with coffee capsule fascinators turned heads, and drew the Thursday late night shoppers towards the high concept store, which stands at the entrance to the new Sydney Tower Westfield shopping complex.

Local general manager Renaud Tinel and commercial manager George Garrop entertained visiting dignitaries from Switzerland, as well as the brand’s manufacturing partner, De’Longhi. The Italian coffee machine specialist has been a big part of Nespresso’s success down under, with the two power brands combining to present a very strong sales proposition.

In exciting news for Nespresso Australia, the scuttlebutt was rife last night that Academy Award nominated actor John Malkovich, who has starred in several Nespresso TVCs, will be coming to Australia in January 2011. The opportunity for Malkovich to appear on behalf of Nespresso while on these shores would be another boon for the capsule coffee connoisseurs.

Nespresso dancers on the steps on the multi-level boutique.

The Nespresso Boutique at Pitt Street Mall shortly before the opening.

Check out the coffee capsule fascinators on these models.

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