Changes to operating model.

Leading Edge Group has undertaken changes to its operating model in response to the changing retail market, following an extensive 18 months review.

As a result, a wider range of support will be provided to members and supply partners to compete against other bricks-and-mortar stores and online retailers, deliver an effective digital strategy, better respond to margin pressures and drive in-store foot traffic.

Leading Edge Group CEO, Struan Abernethy commented, “The new model will enhance the current buying group function through improvements to the way we work and introducing additional services in marketing, retail operations, training and human resources.

“First and foremost, we needed to break down the sileos that we had within the business to enable our category team to focus on their core buying group responsibility and bring in experts to deliver these additional services.”

A new retail services team has been appointed, responsible for marketing, customer service, member recruitment and operations. This was formerly managed by the category team, who are now solely responsible for developing buying relationships between members and supply partners.

Field relationship managers, a customer service team and conferences and events teams, along with an enhanced marketing, retail operations and HR teams, have also been welcomed.