By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Optus is sending SMS messages to consumers asking them to visit a website it has set up to take $50 deposits to secure an iPhone ahead of the product’s Australian launch on 11 July. However, there was a concern that the site is unsecured.

Optus also displays an iPhone prominently on its home page at, with a link to a form where consumers can register their details and provide the refundable $50 deposit.

However, a user of the Digg story sharing website raised the concern in a forum that this Optus site is not a https protocol secure site, click here to read this comment. contacted Optus, which released the following statement:

“An Optus spokesperson said:
• The website is legitimate.
• Optus have partnered with WealthPoint to host the site on Optus’ behalf.
• The site is completely secure, and all credit card details are encrypted. Optus are managing the holding deposits, and will be administering all the refunds.
• It’s simply the domain and site structure that is hosted by WealthPoint.”

While this statement did not cover the additional website that Optus was directing customers to on the sms message, which was, the Optus spokesperson said that this website was linked to the website and was also secure.