By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: German navigation brand Navigon has announced its formal entry into the Australian market, following the news breaking in late July.

As stated in, former Road Angel distributors Navigation Solutions will handle all marketing, warehousing, distribution and service, both from a channel and consumer perspective.

Navigation Solutions will commence its product range sales from the end of the month, with models going out via a network of thus far unnamed distributors, according to a release.

“With superior functionality, advanced interfacing, brilliant design and a German commitment to quality, they [Navigon] have achieved relevant market shares in a short period of time. When launched in Australia they will offer consumers industry-leading product at competitive pricing,” the company said.

Navigation Solutions also announced it has appointed former eight-year Sony Australia veteran, Gordon Kerr, as sales and marketing general manager.

“Navigon has performed well wherever it has launched. Just five months after the complete line was launched in the USA, Navigon became the number four GPS brand. The features, quality and European styling should resonate strongly with Australian consumers,” said Kerr.

His appointment comes on top of the recent confirmation that former Samsung floorcare product manager, Paul Lipscomb will be product marketing manager.

Navigon’s products will use Navteq maps, including that company’s new JunctionView system, which switches to a 3D overview when approaching large motorway and freeway intersections, to aid navigation.

According to a release, Navigon introduced the first personal navigation device in 1996, and has 17-year history in GPS technology.

It launched the Navigon brand one and a half years ago.