By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Panasonic is the second major consumer electronics supplier to confirm today that it will not increase prices in the lead up to Christmas, despite the falling dollar.

Panasonic Australia’s managing director, Steve Rust has reassured retailers that it will not need to raise prices of its imported consumer electronics goods at this stage.

“Panasonic will be not be changing its recommended retail pricing or retailer pricing structures in the short term and remains confident of seeing another surge of consumer demand as Christmas approaches, following unprecedented demand for Panasonic’s televisions and high definition recorders during the Olympics earlier this year,” Rust told today.

However, Rust did not rule out a possible increase in costs in the longer term, subject to a range of factors.

“The longer term trend for consumer entertainment products will always be difficult to predict as the price of products for imported goods are based on several factors — including raw material cost, manufacturing efficiency and the value of the Australian dollar against other currencies,” he said.