By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Westwell, a locally based supplier of a range of brands, recently released the Olin 8-inch Digital Photo Frame with Printer (DPF-808). Unlike the standard run-of-the-mill digital photo frames, this model includes a photo processor, enabling users to print out photos directly from a range of memory sources.

The ability to print out photos means that this product will create additional purchases in the future, with consumers having to return, nominally to original point of purchase, to procure more printing cartridges as they run out. Each cartridge contains 36 photos and is RRP $29.95.

On a pro rata basis, taking into account the cost of film, but excluding inflation, this is a similar cost to the old days, when rolls of film were taken into the chemist for processing. The advantage with this model is that the removal of the middle man.

The added functionality of this product means it is priced above a normal photo frame. Whereas some competitor models are sub-$100, this model is RRP $299.

In addition to displaying and printing photos, the Olin can play MPEG videos and MP3 files. It includes a remote control, TV out jack and a rechargeable battery. Users also have the choice of language: English for most, but Chinese for the more adventurous.