By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: The store manager of A Cummings & Co’s Ballina Retravision store has given a rundown of how the inclement weather on New South Wales’ north-east has affected branches.

Richard Steele’s own Ballina store has not been adversely affected by flooding or storms, but other stores, Lismore in particular, have not been so fortunate. Steele said that he had not been able to make recent contact with group operations manager Paul Albertini, but that the floodwaters had peaked today at around midday.

As for other stores in the Cummings network, Steele reported that Byron Bay had “copped 130km/h winds” which had resulted in power failures. At Yamba, storms and wind gusts have been so strong that some staff members were not able to access the store for work. The same applied, though to a slightly lesser extent, at the Tweed Heads store. understands that despite the atrocious weather conditions that have affected the Cummings group store locales, stock loss and property damage has been largely prevented.

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