This is just the beginning. CEO, Ruslan Kogan has described the first half of FY18 as ‘the start of a watershed period’ due to accelerated growth within its existing product divisions and foundations for future growth through expansion in new verticals.

“We have continued to strengthen and grow our brand by consistently delivering on our promises to customers. We are committed to bringing the most in-demand products and services at market-leading prices,” Kogan said.

“Our 1HFY18 was a strong operational period for It has seen us deliver results that have not only outperformed the equivalent half last year but also FY17 in just the first half of FY18. We have built strong momentum on a solid foundation that is enabling us to continue to deliver consistent growth and earnings improvements.

“We are relentless in our mission to continue to grow our existing business and expand our portfolio. We do not stand still. We are continually evolving the business to respond to customer demand and strengthen our competitive advantage in the market.

“We have built a business model that allows us to be agile, bold and innovative. The strength of our brand means we can partner with industry leaders to delight our customers in new and sometimes, unexpected ways. We have created opportunities such as Kogan Mobile, Kogan Insurance, Kogan Internet, Kogan Health, Kogan Life and Kogan Pet to drive future growth and bring compelling offers to our customers.

“The brand has evolved to become a portfolio of products and services, servicing the Kogan community of subscribers and loyal customers. Today, the number of active subscribers sits at 8.5 million.

“We are just getting started as we see many more opportunities. We are 100% focused on giving our Kogan community access to products and services where we can deliver value better and more efficiently than our competitors. We now offer over 50,000 products on our site.

“Our goal is not to create demand but service demand on the most popular products,” he said.