Boasting new features.

Kleenmaid has launched two new induction cooktops. The 90cm model (ICT9021) has an RRP of $4,299 and the 60cm model (ICT6021) has an RRP of $2,549. Both models have new features to ensure an exceptional cooking experience and include a three year warranty.

The new features include:

AZI Active Zone Indicator: When cookware is placed on a cooking zone the AZI function indicates, by illumination, which controller is to be used for that cooking zone.

TDS Thermal Dynamic Sensing: The rectangular cooking zone on each model which can be bridged for large pan frying incorporates the use of thermal monitors, known as Thermal Dynamic Sensing monitors. The sensors measure the temperature of the cookware and automatically adjust the cooktop’s power output to prevent the cookware from getting too hot.


Auto Bridging: The rectangular cooking zones on both models can be bridged, meaning two zones can be linked together providing a double sized cooking area with even heat distribution. In addition to the rectangular zones, the two centre circular zones on the 90cm model can also be bridged. In the case of the 90cm model the need for bridging is automatically detected and selected by the cooktop. The 60cm model requires the user to select bridging.

Biometric Visual Indicator: The chrome metallic strip is a biometrically sensitive sensor which makes the operation of the cooktops simple as it shows users where they need to touch the unit in order to operate it.

Boost Plus: Boost Plus provides additional power to a selected cooking zone to reduce cooking times.