By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: HTC sales and marketing director Anthony Petts has delivered a broadside to his mobile phone supplier rivals, essentially labelling them copycats. Petts made this call at the recent launch of HTC’s latest prosumer models, which included the Touch Diamond2.

In an interview with, Petts was asked if HTC would continue innovating mobile phone form factors. He said that HTC would continue with its novel handsets, which include full screen touch, horizontal slide out QWERTY keyboards and the full body QWERTY PDA.

“HTC is known for its innovation – you’ll see some very exciting innovation coming out from us with regards to different designs,” said Petts, who then tantalised HTC followers with the following abstract prediction:

“We’ve always tested that scenario. We were the first with touch and we’re going to continue with that type of innovation through different experiences.

“Can’t specifically tell you what some of those are, that’s quite confidential, but I can say we are certainly continuing with our leading innovation position.”

After listing a number of new features HTC has introduced to the mobile phone market, Petts was asked if he thought HTC’s competitors would replicate this in their own models. His response was both incisive and bullish.

“I would say that they will try to copy us, like many of our other innovations, they’ve been copied, but we’re certainly there, we’re the market leader and we’ve set the boundary, I think [it’s been] seen today [at the launch] how easy it is and that is what we’re about: making it simple.”