Premium design and functionality.

The first Bake Assist microwave oven from KitchenAid is now available at leading retailers for an RRP of $799. It is equipped with pre-programmed recipe settings and will automatically set cooking parameters such as time and power level, based on the selection from the menu.

The preset baking menu is specifically designed to support the baking process with four categories including desserts, baked goods, cakes, and Bake Assist which aids in softening butter or cheese, melting chocolate, or roasting nuts.

With two combi modes, users can combine microwave and grill heating functions to cook and gratin vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish or meat, or combine microwave and convection cooking to prepare oven-baked dishes from jacket potatoes, precooked frozen foods, fish, roast meat to cakes and pastries.

Even heat distribution is achieved with a 3D distribution and powerful convection for optimal results. The microwave oven comes equipped with an automatic cleaning cycle that helps clean the internal cavity to remove odours and food stains.

KitchenAid ANZ marketing director, Filiz Bensan commented, “We are thrilled to be bringing the KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave oven to passionate bakers across the country. It complements our stand mixer in premium design and functionality and will make baking an enjoyable and seamless process, from preparation like softening butter, right through to actual baking.

“The microwave oven is the perfect countertop companion, no matter the level of experience or skill, if users are making a roast dinner or delicate dessert. Consumers are truly only limited by their imagination.”